Wednesday, July 26th, Congress is going to have the next UFO hearing, but this time is “going to be different” according to Rep. Burchett.

You can watch the live stream of the event here:

Check out what Rep. Burchett said recently in a press conference they held about what he openly calls the UFO “coverup”, that he says they are working to end:

Keep in mind one of the main witnesses in addition to pilots David Fravor and Ryan Graves, is David Grusch, who has claimed to have knowledge of programs, people, and locations within the military and Defense Department that both have UFOs and Aliens from crashed UFOs and have covered it up and lied to congress about.  He is a respected intelligence community officer who has some of the most legitimate background of anyone to ever make claims like this.

This should really be interesting to say the least.  This might mark the beginning of disclosure of not just UFOs but NHI (Non-Human-Intelligence) and NHI technologies like anti-gravity or other exotic metals and propulsion systems as well.