Types of Aliens

Below is a collection of some known and some theorized alien races from a mix of both evidence and folklore.  There is not as much empirical evidence for aliens (yet) as there is for UFOs, but there is some.  The imagery is theoretical and made to match up with the little information given about their appearance, and not actual photos or accurate illustrations.

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The Most Well-Known Alien Races

The Greys and Tall Whites are the most well known types of aliens since they are the ones that have interacted directly with the military and have a number of fairly reputable eye witnesses. 

Reptilians are also very well known but unfortunately most of the rumors and folklore about them, including controlling the illuminati etc, have been found to not be true. There is lots of folklore and false rumors about them.


Like any animal, these alien races actual are made up of many sub-species, most all of which are “humanoid” beings – meaning two arms, two legs, a head with two eyes, etc. 

Light Beings

The Light Beings are the next most commonly known, and perhaps the most seen, though are often more referred to in religious terminologies or as “angles” or “ghosts”. They are often seen only as a ball or entity of glowing light and are not humanoid by nature, though they may have the ability to manifest and appear to humans in that form.

Other Types of Aliens

The rest are a collection of species from word of mouth and various forms of research, with some such as the Anunnaki extremely well known in historical documents, but not as prevalent in the more current modern world experience. 

Continuing Work in Progress

AS you may know, research on this subject is extremely difficult and evidence of aliens has been covered up many times by various groups.  We are always on the hunt for new information.

As a result, this list is unfinished and is a continued work in progress.  If you have any information to share on this subject, please contact us directly to help us expand our knowledgebase and complete this list.

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This list is a work in progress. 
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