“There are two ways to live your life.
One is as though nothing is a miracle.
The other is as though everything is a miracle.”

Albert Einstein
world renowned genius

In this world we have grown to know as home, there are endless mysteries.  It’s our contention that our society has an unconscious desire to know more about our origins, our true history and a yearning to understand how we can personally influence our collective future for the better.

This website was built for the ponderers, the philosophers who wonder.  Those who look into the sky and question why we seldom are discussing who we truly are, what we’re doing here, and our place in the stars.  This is a positive space to read and share stories in order to broaden our collective understanding of who we are in a safe, non-judgmental environment.

Welcome to Star People Society.

About Us

We are not a cult (sorry, if that’s what you were hoping for, this is not it).  We are a society for educational purposes, seeking and sharing knowledge and supporting Ufology.  We thrive on truth and want to connect, recognize, and celebrate the people who are contributors and advocates of disclosure, and grow the community as a whole.

We are grateful to be living in a momentous era of disclosure that has just begun.  People used to disappear for the kind of information that is now being shared freely online, on main stream news and streaming channels, and legitimately confirmed by the government and military.  The times have changed, indeed, and we are now happy to be a part of what might really be the renaissance of the truth of space, and the growing conversation.  We are celebrating the topic making it into the main-stream once and for all, and in doing so we are all ensuring that it stays that way.  

The Star People Society are loyal seekers of truth, and in this passion, avid advocates for and supporters of UFO and ET disclosure from scientific and experience based evidence.  We like to share and celebrate disclosure with others in the form of stories and evidence.

Helping Disclosure Appeal to the Government

It has been said by many former government officials that they are afraid of creating hysteria with major disclosure releases.  This is a big part of why they only drip de-classified content to us in the main stream a very, very tiny bit at a time.  We believe that the more people who do discuss and publicly accept the existence of UFOs and ETs in the mainstream, the more the government will see this new landscape and be more forthcoming with MUCH more de-classified acknowledgement and proof of UFO, UAP, USO, and general mysterious entities in the skies, in the oceans, underground, on land, in space, and on other planets.  We believe that once the entire public already believes in and has seen proof of UFOs and ETs, the government will not fear sharing the information as much.

We are seekers of truth, knowledge, and facts.  These have been hidden from the public for years, especially regarding the mysteries of UFOs, extraterrestrials, life beyond earth, and the general exploration of space, etc going back to World War 2 at least, and that’s just what we have proof of in modern history.  There is ancient proof showing that it goes all the way back to ancient Egyptian times and probably the dawn of man.  To us, this is information that is just too important not to seek out and should be shared with everyone.  We are honest sharers of knowledge, spreading awareness and stories to both inform and excite the greater community to learn, analyze, support and expect disclosure, and to urge the same from our own public servants who have been elected in good faith to do so at every government level.  

Our Community

When you join our community, you can use any fake name you like, and be anonymous, or use your own name if you prefer or if you are already a known person in the Ufology space.  Once you join, you will have access to exclusive content and events that we provide at no extra cost.  What we are asking in return is simply that you join us in learning about and celebrating disclosure, perhaps mankind’s most important discovery, which has finally now started officially in 2020 but is far from complete.  All we really ask anyone is that we all continue to celebrate and support disclosure positively and openly, removing taboo on the subject, as we continue to learn and share knowledge of the amazing events that are taking place all around the world where UFOs have shown themselves to us thousands of times.  We are happy to collaborate with artwork and in other ways with any artists or creators that join our community, as it is also a passion of ours to design and create apparel and other items that we love to wear ourselves to spread awareness of the subject.  Turns out, it’s pretty easy to have people strike up convos about their own experiences with UFOs when they see our apparel and the space or alien imagery.   

How to Support Disclosure

Supporting disclosure can come in many forms, like just sharing links with your friends, or wearing apparel that lets people know we are not alone.  Whatever you really feel your level of participation should be, that is fine with us.  We would never ask you to do anything you don’t feel good about.  If you like to keep these things to yourself, that’s OK too.  If that case, simply treat the subject with positive constructive and scientific discourse online and on social media or wherever you like to discuss it, and continue to support groups who are actively seeking the truth in any way you can as they pioneer our journey into the secrets and amazing facts that are continually being revealed.  MUFON for example is one of the largest and most official databases of UFO sightings and experiences, and can use your support as well!  We are proud donors to MUFON and attend MUFON zoom meetings, but we are not associated with MUFON officially in any way.

Because of COVID, our Events have been mostly cancelled for now, just to be safe.  But, we are still planning great upcoming events for our community members, so please join and keep up with our news and events to be aware of our next upcoming events, whether they end up being online or IRL.

Thanks for visiting and we hope to see you in our community soon.

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