UFOs with Beyond Human Capabilities

The US Government and Navy both agree that the footage seen in the jet pilots cameras and radars is beyond human capability.  There are now, more than ever, lots of cases where UFOs can be seen evading radar, speeding off with incredible speeds, moving in and out of the ocean, flying with no visible propulsion system, defying weather and wind, or just disappearing suddenly.

Paul Hellyer

The Galactic Federation

There is a well known rumor that a group known as “The Galactic Federation” is a sort of council of aliens much like our own United Nations, where they agree on policy for interacting with and protecting the Earth and Human Beings.  This has been claimed by reputable former officials who had top secret clearance in their own governments.

Phil Schneider and the Underground Alien Bases

Phil was a defense contracted under-ground construction expert who was in the wrong hole at the wrong time, encountering defensive aliens who shot at him, scarring him and taking some of his fingers.  Phil was silenced by murder and is a well known, proven coverup.

Races/Types of Aliens

Many types of aliens have been identified by abductees and others have been theorized by researchers.  We’ve compiled a list of all of the types of aliens we could find references to throughout history.