The Pyramid + UFO Connection

There is proof of UFOs and Pyramids being connected for a long time, and now more than ever.

Pyramids Have Unique Properties

First, for context, realize the  phenonemon that have already been discovered or witnessed pyramidal shapes:

Pyramid Shape Energy Flow

It’s been proven that this shape focuses and shoots energy from the base to the tip, and that the pyramids themselves were made of electro-conductive materials.  This energy has been verified in numerous research studies.

Jet Pilots Report Signals Above Pyramids

Jet pilots have reported signals on their instruments and radar above pyramids that are not powered by any conventional electricity.  Verifying that the focused energy is beamed straight up.

Flying Pyramids Confirmed by Pentagon

The pentagon confirmed leaked footage of flying Pyramid shaped UFOS on night vision above war ships 100 miles off the coast of San Diego.  Interestingly, they were upside-down, matching up with descriptions from other sightings.

That’s Right. Some UFOs Are Pyramids that Fly

And here’s just one example – confirmed by the Pentagon to be real Navy on-ship footage

Confirmed Pyramid UFO / UAP Video

Weak Debunking Attempts

Government agents and various skeptics have tried to debunk this in congressional hearings and online by saying this is a result of “bokeh” lens flare effect of having the night vision out of focus the entire time, causing the lights to be pyramid shapes. 

The problem with this explanation is very simple – which is that if this is true, why aren’t ALL night vision captures of lights triangular?  Why would this not be a consistent effect always seen if it is a result of the permanent shape of the lens or sensors?  There are many examples of military night vision goggles looking at lights and not seeing them as pyramid shape which they seem to ignore to try to make their own justifications.  Answer: because even the amatuer operator of this equipment knows enough to focus it, like using any telescope or binoculars, it’s really not hard to do. 

So, this debunking theory assumes that highly trained Navy ship crew don’t know how to focus their own night vision equipment, which is literally as easy as twisting the lens focuser and hard to believe in itself that they would not know how to do this or not have changed the focus at all while recording it. 

In addition, there have been sightings of UFOs during the day and at night, both without night vision where the same shape has been observed and cannot be explained away with convincing sounding explanations about mis-operating nigh vision goggles.

Ancient Egyption Pyramid Connection

Explore the evidence.  You will be amazed at the connections.

UFO Symbols in Ancient Egypt

Ancient Symbols Depict UFOs

There has long been evidence in Ancient Egypt that the civilization knew of and interacted with UFOs and ancient astronauts. Were the pyramids made in connection with Star People?  Absolutely.  There is a lot of evidence but the true details of their relationship is still a mystery. 

UFO Symbols in Ancient Egypt

Magnetic Ley Lines

Is it a coincidence that pyramids appear in unconnected ancient civilization sites around the world on ley lines?  Obviously not.  It’s no surprise that many UFO sightings have occured near the pyramids.

UFO Symbols in Ancient Egypt

Pyramid Star Map

Is it clearly not a coincidence that the shape of these structures lines up with celestial bodies as a star map.  It’s perfectly lined up and thus the stars had huge significance to the placement of these beyond-humanly-possible structures.

UFO Symbols in Ancient Egypt

Beyond Human Capabilities of the Time (and now)

Were ancient aliens the source of technology needed to move and shape massive multi-ton rocks that even today’s machinery can barely handle?  It’s entirely possible and the evidence seems to suggest it is the most likely explanation for otherwise unexplainable architectural feats of mass scale. 

Pyramid + UFO Articles

The pyramid – UFO connection has many examples throughout modern and ancient history.
This only brings even more interesting questions into light.  It also certifies that the shape is substantial enough to be used throughout the world with no coincidence.