Top 10 UFO Sightings / Proof

All of the following are historically verified,  

real events.

Some have more credible proof and eye witnesses than others, which were some of the many factors taken into account while ranking them.

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About This List

This list is our own editorial list of REAL UFO sightings or events starting with we think is most important or profound in some way on down.  There are actually so many to choose from, that limiting this list to 10 good ones was extremely difficult. 

Your Feedback is Important

If you think we’ve left one off the list that is without a doubt one of the best 10 real examples of UFOs in history, please let us know on IG or our Contact page.

Top 10 UFO Sightings:

  1. Navy Tic Tac (2004) / Go Fast Video (2015)
    + Pilot Interview 
  2. Ariel School UFO & Alien Being Mass-Sighting (1994)
  3. Navy Pyramid UFO Video (2019)
  4. Roswell UFO Crash (1947)
  5. Holloman Airforce Base UFO Landing (1957)
  6. Phoenix Lights Mass UFO Sighting (1997)
  7. USS Omaha USO (2019)
  8. UFO Next to Concorde (1976)
  9. The Battle of Los Angeles Mass Sighting (1942)
  10. UFO Fleet Over Whitehouse (1952)
  11. More Amazing UFO Sightings

  12. Pyramid UFO Over Whitehouse (2018)
  13. Pyramid UFO Over Kremlin (2009)