UFO enthusiasts will recognize this pattern from many UFO and Orb sightings. Here are just a couple example UFO/UAP vids that have this pattern where lights appear in a line formation, suddenly blinking on almost instantaneously at times, while others blink off and disappear. The first video is a semi recent video said to be from the South China Sea. The other video did not provide info. Skeptics will say “flares!”as will military excuse makers, as a convenient and easy coverup story. However, there are a number of reasons that flares do not quite make sense. Flares do not suddenly blink on like a light switch, they light up to max luminance over a half second or so and flicker a bit as the fire burns to its hottest point, unless shot directly from the aircraft with ignition, where the aircraft would be visible deploying them, and they would have some smoke trails. Flares do not fly in formations for lengths of time, they are shot in bunches rapidly and are affected by wind etc so they don’t always fly uniformly spaced out and slow quite like these. Flares do not suddenly appear with no aircraft to drop them. Flares do not hover or fly steadily without losing altitude. These are just a few observations of why the “military flares” explanation is not sufficient. Additionally, flares do not “switch” with other flares in mid air with perfect timing over and over again. Flares are not generally deployed with any timing linkage between each flare to make them behave in a relay fashion, as they all burn until they go out. If you’ve ever seen military flares deployed, you can see clusters of them used or a string of them laid down behind the aircraft. This is not what is often seen with ufos showing this more interesting pattern, where the orbs hold their formation against wind etc for minutes without losing altitude, without the typical colors of flares, with timing and blinking characteristics that do not match that of flares. Have you seen this pattern with UAP lights before? #ufo #ufopattern #ufolights #uap #uaps #orbs #ufosighting #ufovideo #lightsinthesky #starpeoplesociety
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