HUGE step. Grusch, Fravor, and Graves testifying in congress might be the biggest step towards disclosure in history, not just of UFOs recovered by the United States govt, but the exposure of a massive 80 year coverup, and Alien bodies, too.

Ms. Mace, Congresswoman from SC, was the only one that specifically asked if the United States not only has retrieved crashed ufos but the pilots as well, Grusch confirmed but clarified he prefers “non-human biologics” because he doesn’t like to assume what their true origin is, which he basically means could be space, other dimensions, under water, who knows but definitely not human.

Time magazine even covered it, showing how mainstream this is now. 🙄 About dam time, people been saying it for 70 gd years.

I hope this goes all the way to declassifying and releasing photos and video of the aliens and craft, and it’s not just all a big smoke show to control the narrative.

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