The Lyrans were the original ancestors of our galactic family. Many thousands of years ago their civilization reached a very high technological level, however fell into disagreement and factions within their culture.

These factions went to war and destroyed much of their society. Many of these beings from Lyra (click image right), left in their star ships to colonize the Pleiades, the Hyades, and the Vega system.

Some of these Pleiadians of Lyrian ancestors also came to Earth during the Lemurians and Atlanteans period. The Lyrians now have long evolved past the conflict, or war-like stage of evolution. These other civilizations could be looked at as our galactic cousins.

As the original human inhabitants of Lyra (who have a common origin with Terran humanoids) were driven out of that system many thousands of years ago, some of the present day inhabitants of the ’Lyra’ constellation are be of reptiloid descent.

During the Lyran wars which are mentioned in several ’contactee’ accounts, a mass exodus’ of humans reportedly left the system and escaped to the Pleiades, the Hyades [which are 130 light-years from earth in the Taurus constellation], and to Vega which is also in Lyra.

This region, like our own system, is still be a ’battleground’ between saurian greys and humans.