Blue Avians are said to be 8-foot-tall, avian humanoids covered with indigo-blue and violet feathers, varying on an individual basis.12This is the same group which identifies itself as Ra from the Law of One.1 They are 6th density.

They are avian humanoids.  They have flexible beaks. They speak telepathically and, at the same time, use hand signals with one hand.  They make many diverse motions making use of their entire arm during communication.

From Paul Wagner:

“This lovely group is humanoid, but with birdlike features. While we are living in the third dimension, Avians live in the higher dimensions between the sixth and the ninth. This is akin to our angelic realms where living beings are more energetically fluid, opaque, and less attached to their physical realities. The Avians are in partnership with the Pleiadians, with whom they work to help human beings feel more fulfilled on Earth. Avians are generally expansive visionaries with uplifting personalities. They seek to help us understand the potentialities around spiritual freedom and our multi-dimensional abilities.”