A lot of people call him “The Aliens Guy” for the meme of him saying “NOT SAYING IT WAS ALIENS… BUT IT WAS ALIENS”.  Before that viral success he was most known from Ancient Aliens on H2 (The History Channel).  He was an outspoken advocate of disclosure sharing stories and proof from Ancient times of ETs and their involvement in human history all the way back to the Pyramids of Egypt and other landmarks around the world.  He helped greatly popularize this perspective called the “Ancient Astronaut Theory”, that aliens were the ancient astronauts seen in paintings and texts from thousands of years ago, and that they were part of humans coming up on major advances in technology and construction.

Giorgio A. Tsoukalos (/ˈskələs/GreekΓεώργιος Τσούκαλος; born 14 March 1978) is a Swiss-born writerufologisttelevision presenter and producer. He is a proponent of the pseudoarchaeological theory that ancient alien astronauts interacted with ancient humans.[2] He is known for his appearances on the television series Ancient Aliens.[3][4]

Tsoukalos is of Greek-Austrian heritage.[5] He is a 1998 graduate of Ithaca College in IthacaNew York, with a bachelor’s degree in Communications.[6] For several years he worked as a bodybuilding promoter and a volunteer in IFBB sanctioned bodybuilding contests, including Mr. Olympia.[7] He produced and directed the annual IFBB San Francisco Pro Grand Prix from 2001 until 2005.[8][6]

Tsoukalos appeared on The Travel ChannelThe History Channel, the Sci-Fi Channel, the National Geographic Channel, as well as Coast to Coast AM, and was a consulting producer on 23 episodes of Ancient Aliens.[9] He is the co-founder of the former Legendary Times magazine,[10] which was last published in 2008.[11] The magazine featured articles from Erich von DänikenDavid Hatcher Childress, Peter Fiebag, Robert Bauval, and Luc Bürgin on the topic of ancient astronauts and related subject matter.[12]

Tsoukalos also hosted the H2 series In Search of Aliens, which ran for one season in 2014.[13]