September 4th 1971 – Costa Rica – Aero Commander F680 airplane camera captured an image of a flying saucer

The National Geographic Institute of Costa Rica was studying the potential impact on surrounding land and water of a hydroelectric project in the vicinity of the Arenal Volcano in the northern highlands.

At 10,000 feet, aerial photographer Sergio Loaiza activated a 100lb map-making camera, which at 20 second intervals, shot images of the water and rainforest in high resolution black and white.

He was not aware of what the camera had captured until, after pulling out the negatives to study potential ways to connect Lake Cote with the nearby Arenal Lagoon, they noticed the UFO hovering over Lake Cote.

On frame number 300, with a timestamp of 8.25am, the image shows what appears to be a shiny metallic disc on the right of the photograph. Over the years, the object’s size has been estimated to be between 120-220 feet in diameter.

The image has been analysed by various experts such as Costa Rican UFO researcher Ricardo Vílchez, Dr Richard Haines and Dr Jacques Vallée. They all concluded that the object in the photograph appeared real and was NOT the result of double exposure or a deliberate fabrication.

Contributor: Reddit User u/SirGorti

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