Lue Elizondo’s backyard spotted by reddit user in r/UFOs on a recent video released by podcaster Sean Cahill with zero mention of Lue or his backyard. It’s unquestionably the exact same mountains and house, which is odd to say the least that the mouthpiece of disclosure would a) film a UFO in his back yard and b) wouldn’t share or be a part of his own footage.

The images here show the video lines up perfectly with the background behind Lue in a photo he posted on Twitter ironically holding a book titled “In Plain Sight”.

So either Lue provided this video to Cahill, or Cahill shot the video in Lue’s back yard, and either way they made no mention of the collaboration?

Something fishy, maybe potentially deceptive might have been caught here, though it also seems a bit half ass to be posting selfies with evidence of location of video footage being released… are they this careless?

Should be interesting to see what they have to say about this, or if Lue has just been exposed for distributing questionable footage or disinformation, something his old intelligence job employer was certainly pro at 🤔

The video also shows zero uap observables, making it somewhat questionable to begin with. But this coincidence should be interesting to see Cahill and Lue explain.

What do you make of this?

New UAP Footage from Sean Cahill
by u/TreeLover4twenty in UFOs

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