Italy, June 18, 1979 – Pilot Giancarlo Cecconi, in his G-91R fighter was returning to Treviso Air Base, Italy after a reconnaissance mission at 11:30 AM.

The Istrana radar center (TV), registered the presence of an intruder on its radar screens, and gave Cecconi directions to approach the unidentified craft.

Having unused film in his aircraft cameras, the pilot activated them and approached the UFO up to a distance of 70-80 meters and at speeds estimated at 300 knots (450-500 km.

The airport ground staff followed with binoculars. The Treviso Control Tower called Cecconi to warn him that the object was discharging a strange “blue trail.”

He was in close pursuit at 7,000 feet altitude but did not know its wake. When the Pilot closed on the object it made up and down movements at 1,000 feet at a time, climbing up to 13,000 feet.

Cecconi made seven to eight passes close to the object and each time took gun camera film of the UFO resulting in a total of 82 frames depicting the intruder.

The apparent UFO was stationary relative to the G-91, but the radar center confirms to Cecconi that it was moving, course and speed defined.

The witness recalled a “gas tank” of matte black and the presence of a small white or clear “dome,” located on the upper side, of the slightly flattened object.

The “dome” was like a kind of shaped like those found on sports cars. While Cecconi was making yet another tack to get back to doing another round of photographs, Istrana radar called to report the object suddenly disappeared from theirs and other radars.

After a few seconds, the Treviso control tower confirmed the UFO had visually disappeared.

The object was a cylindrical tank at least eight meters long (26 feet) with a maximum three in diameter suspended in the sky at thirteen thousand feet high.”

The case is important because of the gun camera film, radar, and visual confirmation with several witnesses including a highly respected fighter pilot.

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