After days of searching the ocean floor with magnets, The Galileo Project @galileoproject1 headed by @avi_loeb discovered the first spherules of the only known interstellar object to have ever reached Earth and made it through our atmosphere, IM1.

This debris group of tiny spherical droplets of melted metals contains iron, titanium and magnesium, but no nickel, making it a metal alloy that is unlike any known meteor in history.

They’re continuing to gather as much as possible to take it back to Harvard for more advanced analysis but this is a major discovery that could even potentially suggest that the object could be not just from another star system, but constructed intelligently for interstellar purposes.

They hope to follow these small bits to find larger pieces or even the core of the object, if there is one, or what would be even better, a part of the object in tact that shows evidence of intelligent ET design.

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